Scrumptious Saturdays #1 – May 2014

Hello dear reader,

This is the first of my Scrumptious Saturdays articles! I am frequently surfing around the interweb looking at lovely pictures of food and finding delicious new recipes that I want to try out. I thought it might be handy for you if I shared some of my favourites with you.

I love the sound of these Sriracha Broccoli Cheddar Bites from Maggie over at The Love Nerds. They look deep fried but are baked, so are healthy and packed full of flavour. Mr Vohn doesn’t like broccoli but he will adore these when I swap the broccoli for cauliflower for him! They have also reminded me that I must have a go at making some homemade Sriracha sauce!



Next a meal in a bowl by KC from The Kitchen Chopper. I have been making similar meals for my lunches this year and loving them! I didn’t much like olives nor sauerkraut in the past but the more fresh chopped meals I eat, the more I enjoy and even crave their sour and zingy flavours. KC has been making dishes like this for 14 years, so there are lots on her blog – here is one of her latest creations.



So that’s a healthy starter and a healthy main – let’s go decadent for dessert! You know how much I adore pavlova and here’s one from Lucy at Supergoldenbakes that’s topped with chocolate crunchies! Dive in!

pavlova supergoldenbakes

[Note – just click on each photo to be taken to the relevant recipe]

Scrumptious Saturdays is a new idea I am trying out and I’d love to know what you think.
In other news, I also wrote a guest article for Foodies100, the UK’s largest network for food and drink bloggers.

ten-at-ten Foodies100


Do come back next Saturday for more Scrumptious recipes from around the internet.

Have a great weekend,

P.S. Here’s a scrumptious recipe of my own, which was inspired by another blogger…

Scrumptious chocolate lime curd mousse
Chocolate lime curd mousse




  1. That’s a really nice selection, and what a great idea to showcase a variety of different ones. Love the fact you found a recipe with quinoa in – I have some lurking in the cupboard awaiting inspiration.

    • Thanks Heather – glad you like it. Have fun with your quinoa – it is so versatile. 🙂

    • Glad you like it Jacqui. Next week will be a special sweet edition – sticky buns, muffins, brownies & cake! 🙂

  2. These all look like wonderful recipes! I am headed to check a few out now! Thanks for sharing!

    • My pleasure Stephanie. Enjoy! 🙂

    • Thanks Brandi! Added to my ever-expanding list of recipes I want to try!

    • Too true Lorraine – and every day! 😉

  3. Mmm those certainly are some scrumptious recipes! Loving the look of Lucy’s cake, oh my goodness!!

    • Thanks Elizabeth! I drool every time I look at Lucy’s cake. Such wonderful photos from her too! x

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