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I hate to say it but on a drive north with a friend last weekend we noticed a hint of colour in the leaves. As sad as I am to see the end of the summer warmth, the signs of autumn always excite me as they bring with them a bountiful wild harvest here in Scotland.

Brambling for wild blackberries was beloved by every child when I was young. Our hands and face purple, and bellies full, not many berries ever made it home! Nowadays I usually manage enough restraint to gather sufficient to at least make jam and crumble. I also love blackberry coulis which looks very pretty on a pavlova.

Autumn pavlova
Click for my recipe for blackberry coulis and my mum’s perfect pavlova

Brambling is often people’s first foray into wild foraging and there it stops for many – but another useful fruit to forage is rose hips. They are easy to identify and choc full of vitamin C.

I like to make rose hip syrup, jelly and vinegar to extract all that useful immune boosting goodness to get me through seasonal winter colds.

Rose hip recipes
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