Pancake folded into quarter circle, topped with lemon syrup and mint

Pretty pancakes and punchy fillings

Shrove Tuesday, commonly known here as Pancake Day is coming up soon – it’s on Tuesday 25th February.

Basic pancakes, or crepes, recipe

The basic recipe for pancakes, or crepes, is really easy – just whisk together 300ml milk with 2 eggs, then whisk in 4 tbsp flour with a pinch of salt. I do all this in my blender, so it is really quick!

Maple syrup

Many people in Scotland serve maple syrup with their pancakes nowadays. Here’s a look into how maple syrup is made.

modern maple syrup
Photo sourced from

Homemade syrups

Of course, it is quite easy to make your own syrups. Here’s my recipe for date syrup

Date syrup or molasses

or, for the grown-ups, how about a boozy spiced citrus syrup?

Boozy spiced orange syrup

or if you prefer less sweet, then how about these Lace Pancakes from Great British Bake Off?

Are they delicate, intricate and beautiful – or faffy and time consuming? You decide!

Lace pancakes

Savoury pancakes

I always like to have savoury pancakes on offer too and these Chilli Beef Pancakes are my absolute favourite. The pancake batter is simply spiced with Chinese 5-spice powder so they are very easy to make.

Haha – apologies for the shocking photo – this is a very early recipe on the blog!
Note to self – redo the photo for this!

rolled pancakes cut in half to show chilli beef filling inside

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite fillings and recipes are!



Other blogger’s recipes for pancakes I like…

  • I like to make French crepes but if you want traditional Scotch pancakes, then check out this recipe from Tinned Tomatoes
  • Or for a Scottish twist on savoury crepe, try out these Scottish Cullen Skink Crepes by Foodie Quine
  • This clever recipe for Ricotta and Lemon Pancakes from Lea at Off The Eaten Track has the fillings mixed straight into the batter
  • If you are vegan or gluten free, don’t despair, head to Tin and Thyme for these interesting Pea Protein Pancakes
  • If you have any leftover pancakes, then you must try this intriguing recipe for Pancake Soup by Not Quite Nigella

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  1. Gloria Richards says:

    Missed getting this blog. it’s been a while.
    I really enjoy learning more about Scottish dishes and have attempted the less advanced ones. But, who knows? Maybe in time I’ll try them as well..
    Thank you for the variety on you dishes and welcome back.

    • Aw thank you for your kind words Gloria. Yes, it has been a while but I am so glad to hear you like my blog and my random variety of dishes. I will make sure there are more new Scottish recipes in here for you and will do some step-by-step ones so you can easily cook along. Great to hear from you! Vohn x

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