BBC Doctor Who 50th

Doctor Who – The Day of the Doctor

Hello dear reader,

Doctor Who week on Vohn’s Vittles is drawing to an end.  I have had such fun thinking up and creating all my creations.  I hope you have enjoyed it too!

That special 50th anniversary episode has been seen around planet Earth now.  Here’s a quick round-up of my makes that turned up in it…

that iconic scarf – I made it in vegetable form

Tom Baker scarf - in veggie form


exterminating daleks – I made one in cake form….

Dalek cake


bowties – I made some in biscuit form

Matt Smith bow tiePatrick Troughton bow tie


The fez was integral in binding the story’s timelines together, cropping up at each point in time when The Doctors were/was/is/are/will be…

Matt Smith fez


The 10th Doctor’s cool Connies.  Not appreciated at all by the 11th Doctor or the war Doctor, who called them “sand shoes”…

David Tennant connies


and, of course, all of The Doctors pulled together to save the day, The Day of The Doctor!

William Hartnell cravatPatrick Troughton bow tieJon Pertwee bow tie Tom Baker hat Peter Davidson hat Colin Baker tie Sylvester McCoy umbrella9th doctors smile

David Tennant connies Matt Smith bow tie




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