Haggis Truffles by Thinking Chocolate

Hello Dear Reader,

Did you catch my last blog post all about how to cook haggis?
I do adore haggis but when I first heard about haggis truffles, I thought “say WHAT?” That’s just crazy! Of course, being an foodie adventurer I just had to taste them!

Haggis Truffles are the brain-child of Edinburgh chocolatier Nadia Ellingham, founder of Thinking Chocolate. This is what Nadia does all day, every day – thinks about chocolate – coming up with intriguing new flavours all the time. But haggis? In a truffle? Is that just a step too far?

I was delighted when Nadia offered to send me a sample box to try this unusual little morsel, and really excited when my haggis truffles arrived in their cute little shiny box.

Haggis truffle #Scotfood #TasteScotland

The truffles are a decent size and are covered in fine cocoa powder.

Haggis truffle #Scotfood #TasteScotland

The scent of great cocoa is intoxicating…

Haggis truffle #Scotfood #TasteScotland

Inside is a smooth, creamy dark chocolate ganache enlivened with the occasional crunch of oats. The flavour is initially rich in chocolate then in comes the subtle spicing, which builds and grows on the palate, before finishing in a cocoa hit. The spicing is lovely – reminiscent of haggis – and leaving a gentle spicy aftertaste which remains on the palate for some time.

Haggis truffle #Scotfood #TasteScotland

The ingredients are all you would expect in an artisan chocolate truffle – dark chocolate, cream, glucose and spices.

No haggis was harmed in the making of these truffles!

Rather the haggis-flavour comes from the inclusion of nutmeg, mace, black pepper and oatmeal. It is a genius idea and really does taste like haggis.

Haggis truffle #Scotfood #TasteScotland

These unusual but delicious haggis truffles would be a lovely gift to post to friends who are nervous of haggis. I have a vegetarian friend in mind who loves haggis from her meat-eating days and just can’t tolerate the numerous newly-invented vegetarian offerings.

Or perhaps you’ll buy them for yourself as a fabulous way to complete your own Burns Supper!

Haggis truffle #Scotfood #TasteScotland

Get your order in today if you want to enjoy these Haggis Truffles on Burns Night!
Nadia also sells many other interesting flavours of chocolate, not to mention cakes and other goodies. You can even learn how to make your own chocolate in her small classes and events!


Thinking Chocolate
19 London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 5EX
Tel: 07795 420001

Legalese: Thinking Chocolate sent me a sample box of Haggis Truffles for review purposes. As always all opinions are my own and I was not told what to write.


    • Indeed Lorraine! I bet you would have tried them if this had been what your school fried was handing out all those years ago! 😉

  1. Oh yes please! I love haggis and think the flavours would work well in a truffle. mmmmmmmm

    • You must try them Stuart, I just know you’d love them. You’ll have to pop into the shop next time you’re in Edinburger! x

  2. I first tasted Haggis last year and loved it, although I can’t quite imagine getting that flavour from a chocolate! 🙂
    Janie x

    • I didn’t think it was going to be possible Janie, especially when I found that no haggis was actually included in the ingredients. The genus of modern chocolatiers is how they can achieve these amazing flavour balances! 😀

  3. Phew! Used to live within walking distance of MacSween’s. Any recipes for this month? The average Burns menu fills me with dread. The worst-ever haggis is the vegetarian one at that awfyl Central Hotel in Glasgow – a mix of frozen diced veg and Scott’s porridge.

    • Me too Sandie – walking distance from MacSweens many moons ago! Heaven!
      That hotel veggie haggis sounds horrendous – I’ll stick to cooking my own meaty ones! Although I have heard from veggie friends that the MacSween veggie haggis is outstanding.

  4. Ooh, now I know there is no real haggis in them, I am desperate to try Vohn – wow!

    • I did think of you Choclette and your love of haggis, which you must deny yourself now you are a veggie – these’d be a great way to get your haggis fix! 😉

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