Hello dear readers.  Last week when I was browsing Twitter I noticed a company called Scotherbs tweeting that they had only one more “like” required on Facebook to hit the 400 milestone.  Always one to support local Scottish producers, I hopped over to Facebook to have a look at who they are.
They supply fresh culinary herbs and salad leaves throughout Britain, many of which are grown on their own farm just over 40 miles north of where I live.  I pressed that “like” button.

You may imagine my surprise and delight when they sent me a message to say they were going to send me a wee congratulatory sample box of herbs!  They arrived a couple of days ago & I still can’t believe how many yummy boxes they sent to me!



Scotherbs compliment their home-grown range by sourcing herbs from abroad from carefully selected and approved suppliers…








Red Chard




Lemon thyme


Although it says to keep them refrigerated, I decided the softer herbs might be best kept in water, like cut flowers.  I selected the strongest stems and stored the rest in the fridge.  I cut the base of the stems at an angle and popped them in glasses of water.  Don’t they look pretty?

herb display.

Here are the mint, tarragon and dill as a little windowsill display.

windowsill herbs.

The kitchen smells amazing and all sorts of flavour combinations have been popping into my head since they arrived.  Watch this space for some herby recipes to come!

Thank you so much Scotherbs – it was very kind of you to send me such an array of yumminess.
To find out more about Scotherbs, check out their website.


So, tell me dear reader, what is your favourite herb and why?




    • I think that’s the first flavour I’ve not agreed with you Lorraine. I adore basil too but I don’t like dill at all! I have used my dill as part of a mini cut flower arrangement!

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