Pina colapple

Hello dear reader,

This is a very quick little blog post to share with you my favourite non-alcoholic cocktail.

I invented this one a few years ago, as I love pineapple juice but wanted a “longer” drink.  I am not keen on soda or lemonade, so I tried topping it up with Diet Coke.

My family thought it was a crazy idea and there were many exclamations of “yeuchh”!

That is until they tasted it!
Then the exclamations were “wow, that really works” and “totally tropical taste”!

Pina colapple


It is super-easy.  Simply pour 150ml pineapple juice into a pretty pint glass…

pineapple juice

Then top up with 330ml chilled Diet Coke!

Pina colapple



Update: I am entering this into Chris’s Foodie World Cup bloggers challenge, as USA are playing today (16th June 2014) and that’s where Coke is from!

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    • Haha – thanks Chris. I love this drink! 🙂

  1. I bet this IS good! Are you an angostura bitters fan?

    • I love angostura Emma. My drink of choice for many years was a Long Vodka. I’d kind of forgotten about it – so thanks for the reminder! I must make one as a treat once I get through my healthy January! Vohn x

  2. I used to work in a bar when I was young, and a popular drink at ten time was a Muddy Puddle – Fresh Orange and Coke… Similar to this but not as tropical! Love the name – makes me want to add. A tequila and call it Pina Colappsle…

    • Ooh – haven’t tried a Muddy Puddle – must give it a go. Loving Colappsle! Vohn x

  3. Great idea. It’s nice to have alternatives to plain diet coke! I’m going to try this. Thanks

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