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Time Lord Chefs: We Cater to All of Time and Space!

Hello Dear Reader,

Do you remember my fun week last year creating all sorts of crazy Doctor Who recipes for the 50th anniversary special?

I am delighted to tell you that you too can join the zany Whovian fun as the very lovely Katie of The Perfect Brownie has started a regular baking and cooking event with a Doctor Who theme. I do hope you will join her in creating some exciting Whovian-themed dishes!

Katie and I discovered each other when she reached out on twitter to find other food bloggers who are Doctor Who fans and who might be interested in joining a Doctor Who baking event. A few of us got very excited and many names for the challenge were bandied around. Mr Vohn, ever the dedicated Whovian, suggested “Time Lord Chefs”, to which I added the tagline of “We Cater to All of Time and Space”. Fast forward a couple of months and Katie has got the challenge up and running! Geronimo!

This month’s theme is Series 8 – that’s the current series with Peter Capaldi as The Doctor. You can cook or bake anything you want, as long as it has some sort of link to series 8. What will you make?

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Check out the guidelines below on how to become a Time Lord Chef yourself!


  1. Create a recipe of any kind that is related to Series 8 of Doctor Who
  2. On your blog, mention “Time Lord Chefs” in your post and include a link back to Katie’s blog The Perfect Brownie.
  3. By 26th October 2014, email your name, the name of your blog, a photo of your recipe, the recipe title, and a link to your post, to timelordchefs@yahoo.com
  4. If you tweet your recipe, include @FudgySweetTweet and the hashtag #TimeLordChefs and she will re-tweet all that she sees
  5. Katie will post the roundup on her blog on 1st November 2014, in time for the first part of the two-part series finale.

Questions?  High fives?  Want to guest host?  Comment below!




    • It is exciting Katie! I’m so pleased you’ve started this event! 😀

  1. Well, I have no idea about series 8 other than who the new Time Lord is, but I will spread the word around and hope you get some fabulous entries.

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