Japanese Komatsuna

Hello dear reader,

Recently my veg box included four lovely bunches of Japanese Komatsuna.  I’d never heard of this before but it did look tasty…


A little nibble and I decided it was like a mild spinach.  A quick google told me it is a brassica commonly known as Japanese mustard spinach.  It is apparently much healthier than regular spinach, containing five times the level of calcium!

The veg box label said to use in salads or stir fries.  I used the smallest leaves in a simple salad with tomatoes.  The larger leaves I wilted down & served with veggie tomato sauce, couscous & hot smoked salmon…

komatsuna and salmon couscous


I saved the stalks, which next day I chopped up and stir fried with sesame dressing and served with baked cod…

Stir fried sesame komatsuna with baked cod


If you’d like to try Komatsuna yourself, ask for it in an Asian greengrocers or supermarket.

It is also very easy to grow Komatsuna and seeds are now widely available.  It is very vigorous and fast-growing, ready to harvest in as little as 30 days.  Komatsuna can be sown all year round, although will need some protection from frost during winter months and some protection from cabbage white caterpillars in spring/summer.  The whole plant can be harvested or it can be treated as cut-and-come again.

So tell me dear reader, have you already eaten Komatsuna or have you discovered any new veg recently yourself?