Cassandra cookies

Doctor Who – Cassandra Cookies

Hello dear reader,  

The year is 5.5/apple/26 and the world is about to end!  

The Doctor is in his 9th incarnation (that’s the one who looks like the actor Christopher Eccleston) and he has taken Rose on a trip five billion years into the future.  They end up on a viewing platform high above the Earth at a gathering to watch the Sun expand and engulf the Earth.  

Various dignitaries are on board, including one of my favourite ever Doctor Who character ideas – the wonderful Jabe, a tree lady who is a direct descendant of Earth’s tropical rain forests.  

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Enter the last human, The Lady Cassandra…

Lady Cassandra
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She is so proud of how thin she is, a result of her 708 operations!  Is this a glimpse into a future reality given the current obsession with size zero?!  Will “flatness” be an obsession at some point in the future?  I hope not, there’ll be no place for these cookies!  Here is Cassandra in cookie form!

Cassandra cookie

Her skin is stretched so tight, that her constant cry is “Moisturise me! Moisturise me!” so she doesn’t dry out.

Cassandra is also proud that she is the last “pure blood” human, sneering that all other humans “mingled”!  Rose instantly sees what a nasty piece of work Cassandra is, finally snapping and calling her a “bitchy trampoline”, saying “you’re just skin Cassandra, lipstick and skin!”

Cassandra and Rose
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Cassandra, of course, is the villain of the piece and flees the ship as heat levels reach catastrophic levels.  The Doctor, naturally, saves the day but too late for Jabe who sacrifices herself to save him.  Full of anger he forces Cassandra to teleport back on board to face the consequences.  Her fate is sealed, with the rise in heat levels she caused, and with none of her minions around to moisturise her, she starts to dry out and crack.  Then SPLAT!

Cassandra splat cookie

If you want to make these cookies, the recipe is here, then just decorate with Royal icing.



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