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Karen’s Strawberry Curd

on July 18, 2013

Hello dear reader.

When I first started blogging about my cooking adventures, there were two blogs in particular that always inspired me.  One of these was the beautiful blog Lavender and Lovage which is written by the very lovely Karen Burns-Booth.  With her interest in the history of British food and traditions, Karen’s posts are always interesting and informative, not to mention full of delicious recipe ideas and great photos.  I have followed several of Karen’s recipes and they have always turned out fabulously and been bursting with flavour.  When I read her blog post on strawberry curd, I thought she’d lost the plot.  Citrus curds I know and love, but a berry curd?  That sounded plain crazy to me.  However a kilo of juicy new Scottish strawberries picked up on offer for a mere £2 spurred me on to give this oddity a go!

box of strawbs


1 - strawbs


2 - blend


3 - heat


4 - citrus


5 - peel


6 - juice


7 - butter


8 - sugar


9 - cook


10 - eggs


11 - beat


12 - thicken


13 - strawberry curd

You can find the full recipe on Karen’s blog – Lavender and Lovage!

I have to say, although it sounded odd to me and the first spoonful tasted a bit unusual, this has become a firm favourite and I will make it again the next time I have an excess of strawbs.  I took a jar home to my parents on a recent visit and it has been enjoyed on toast, cream buns, scones and all manner of baked product.  It should keep for a few weeks – if there is any left at this point, Karen says it can also be mixed with cream to make a quick strawberry fool.  Simples!



13 Responses to “Karen’s Strawberry Curd”

  1. I have never had anything like this, but it does look good! And it doesn’t look too hard to make either. 🙂

  2. Choclette says:

    Oh yea of little faith. Mind you, I haven’t made strawberry curd either. However, I have made raspberry curd and passionfruit curd and rhubarb curd and apricot curd and lemon and apple curd and they are all delicious. I’m hoping to have a go at blackberry later this year.

    • Vohn says:

      I know Choclette but I’d really never heard of berry curds before – now of course I see them all over the place. I’m liking the sound of your apple curd – I’ll definitely try that in the autumn, thanks! 🙂

  3. Like you, I have never seen nor heard of a berry curd, but this sounds lovely! And it doesn’t look that hard to make either! Strawberries are in season and this would be another great recipe to enjoy the harvest! I imagine you could use just about any berry to make this as well.

    • Vohn says:

      It’s so easy to make Renee and I think any berry would be wonderful in it. I have now started seeing fruit curds all over the place! 😉

  4. This one is going into the “recipes to try” file. Curd, in the U.S.? I’ll give it a shot …

  5. We’re in the midst of winter but have these gorgeous strawberries! This is a great way to save them 🙂

  6. THANKS so much for your very kind words, you have made my day! Perfect strawberry curd Vohn and VERY helpful step-by-step photos too….and, I KNOW what you mean about the first taste being a bit odd, we felt the same way too but are avid fans now! A Gloriously summery post, Karen

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