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Doctor Who – homemade Dalek cake

on November 23, 2013

Hello dear reader,

You will remember I made my Dalek cake using the Lakeland Dalek cake mould.  It is now all decorated and ready for us to EXTERMINATE! devour.  Here it is…

Dalek cake.

First of all I rolled the white icing really thin (use icing sugar to dust countertop and rolling pin if it is a bit sticky). Then I coated the bottom half of the cake in butter icing (a very thin layer just to help the Royal icing stick), cut the Royal icing to approximate size and layered it gently on. Then I smoothed it out, especially around the round panels. Repeated for the upper white section and the top.  Next I did the black horizontal panels in the same way (bottom, middle, top) & let this all dry overnight.

For the black round panels I cut out rolled icing to the correct size using a cutter I made from cut-up plastic bottle stuck into a circle with sticky tape. I put each circle into the Dalek cake mould to shape its curve easily, then stuck them onto the Dalek just using water to dampen the icing & make it stick. I did the same with the black rectangular panels, cut by knife this time.

The thin white detailing is just rolled icing, cut very thinly and stuck on with water.  For the weapons & viewing eye, I moulded Royal icing around a piece of spaghetti broken to the correct length. Once all dry, I highlighted the panels with silver edible silk and the lights at the top with gold.

I had such fun decorating it and am really pleased with how it turned out.  Sorry the photo is a little blurry – I’m kinda tired!  Little nap before Who-time I think!  That’s 7.50pm GMT remember!  Thank you so much to Lakeland for the mould they sent me to try out and for all the little extra goodies they sent in the parcel!

So dear reader, let me know how you like the 50th anniversary special.  If you are having a Whovian party tonight, Enjoy!




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  1. Vohn that is amazing! Looks great!

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