Versatile Blogger Award

Hello dear reader,

I have some exciting news!  Vohn’s Vittles has been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award!

versatile blogger award


A massive thank you to the lovely Jacqui who blogs over at Good Food Seeking for nominating me.  Jacqui has a lovely blog and is a dab hand at making awesome cake decorations.  Here’s a link to some of her recent bakes.  My favourite is her Science Lab Cake – I just love her little science dude!

Jacquis science dude


It is so lovely to receive an award from a fellow-blogger.  It was such a wonderful surprise and came in the same week as my Christmas Pudding Truffles received over 3000 views in one day!

Christmas pudding truffles

It even came in just before my crazy Doctor Who week, which was indeed versatile!


So now, in my turn, I nominate 15 other bloggers who I feel deserve the Versatile Blogger Award.  I read so many blogs it is very hard to choose, so I am choosing the blogs that bring me back time and again to see what they have been up to…

Adventures of a London Kiwi by Emma

Belleau Kitchen by Dominic

Conservation Bytes by Corey

Edinburgh Foody by Danielle and Caroline

Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary by Elizabeth

Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing by Gretchen (Gertie)

Kitchen Counter Culture by Annie

Not Quite Nigella by Lorraine

Lavender and Lovage by Karen

Redefine Creativity by Alica

The Anxious Gardener by David

The Flexi Foodie by Julie

The High Heel Gourmet by Miranti

Things We Make by Ed and Claire

Tinned Tomatoes by Jacqueline


Apparently, I have to also give seven random facts about myself!

1)  My secret (not so secret any more – oops) guilty pleasure is Sweet and Sour Supernoodles on buttered Oat and Barley Toast, sprinkled with grated mature Cheddar cheese.

2) I am intolerant to chocolate, which gives me big horrible lumps.  I am not good with moderation, so I try to practice abstinence.  I do occasionally give in and succumb to a chocolate-fest which I always regret a few days later!

3) I am 40 years old, with grown-up step-daughters and a 7 year old grandson!  He calls me Nana.  I love him an awful lot.

4) I have been very unwell with M.E. and unable to work for over a year.  This illness is horrible with aching fatigue, aching body and a problem getting deep, restorative sleep.  Thankfully resting and pacing myself seems to be working and I am on the mend.

5) Cooking and blogging keep me sane and allow me to do some prep/ some resting/ some cooking/ some resting/ some writing/ some resting, whenever I am well enough (see number 4)

6) I love to garden but have been finding it a bit of a struggle the past couple of years (see number 4).   I am slowly getting back out there to tame my now-wilderness.

7) I love to go on long walks with Mr Vohn but haven’t done this for ages (see number 4).  Hopefully in the spring!


Thanks again to Jacqui for nominating Vohn’s Vittles!  I am so touched Jacqui!







  1. Thank you for that, Vohn. It was kind of you to nominate my blog. I would retire a happy blogger were I ever to get 3000 views in a day! Dave

    • My pleasure David – I LOVE your blog! I can’t see the 3000 thing happening again – it was a co-incidence of being mentioned by someone on Facebook with nearly half a million followers! Vohn x

    • My pleasure Dom – love your blog! Vohn x

  2. THANKS so much for nominating me Vohn and it is lovely to read more about you! Karen

    • My pleasure Karen & thanks for taking the time to pop by my own little blog! Vohn x

  3. Well deserved and glad to hear you are on the mend – Jacq x

  4. Congratulations on your award! Thank you so much for the honour! I’m so excited Vohn! 😀 And I hope your M.E. improves quickly. I can’t imagine what a challenge it is!

    • Thank you so much Lorraine! I feel so honoured myself that you take the time to comment on my little blog! 🙂
      It has been a long struggle but I am finally beginning to feel well again! 🙂 Vohn x

    • Thanks Julie! I’ll certainly check out your blog. Vohn x

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