Is your oven ready for Christmas? OXO oven thermometer review

Hello dear reader,

Is your oven in tip-top shape and ready for all the Christmas cooking that is about to hit it?

Most thermostats on ovens are not exact, meaning the oven heats cooler or hotter than the temperature you have set it to.  Anyone who uses their oven regularly will have a rough idea how much it is out by.  For example I know that my oven doesn’t quite reach the temperature I have set it to and I always need to set it about 10ºC higher than the recipe tells me.

However, what if you are cooking away from home in an oven you don’t know, or what if you don’t cook very often but want to make a delicious Christmas spread?

How can you ensure your Christmas dinner is ready when you want it to be and not still half raw or burnt to a crisp?

The answer is a stand-alone thermometer that you place inside the oven, and which is accurately calibrated to give an exact temperature reading.

You may remember a little while ago I told you that OXO UK sent me a couple of items to review. You can read all about OXO UK on my review of their Twisting Tea Ball.
The other item they sent to me is the OXO oven thermometer.

Oxo oven thermometer

This nifty little thermometer clips onto the oven shelf and is even hinged so you can flip it around and use it to hang from a shelf instead if you prefer.  The wings on either side of the clip stabilise it on the shelf, so it doesn’t fall if you knock it when moving trays in and out.  The numbers are big and easy to read, even looking illuminated due to the frosted glass allowing the light in the back of the oven to shine through.

I’ve used it in several positions and at several temperatures to test my oven thermostat and it is exactly as I thought – my oven thermostat is 10ºC cooler than it is set to.  I even discovered that near the bottom of my oven at the back there is a colder spot which is a further 5ºC cooler.  I didn’t know this before and it really surprises me as fan ovens are supposed to hold a uniform temperature throughout – it will be valuable info for me when I am cooking a lot of dishes at one time.

The other big benefit for me is that this thermometer shows both Centigrade and Fahrenheit scales, so there is no need for complicated mathematics or internet searches for conversion if the recipe is in Fahrenheit, whilst my oven is in Centigrade.  I can now just use the reading on the OXO oven thermometer!

Enjoy your Christmas cooking!



P.S. The OXO Oven Thermometer retails at £11.50
I was sent one free for the purposes of writing this review.  All opinions are my own.