Billington’s – free limited edition cake tin

Hello dear reader,

I’ve just received my free cake tin from Billington’s and it is so lovely that I thought I’d share it with you…

Billingtons cake tin
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The cake tin is beautifully embossed with the slogan “I’ve been baking” on the lid and the pretty Billington’s logo around the sides.  I can’t wait to fill this with home-baked goodies!

Billington’s pride themselves in their range of natural unrefined sugars.  These lock-in, rather than refine out, the natural molasses of the sugar cane resulting in sugars with natural colour and great depth-of-flavour.

Billingtons sugars
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If you are in the UK and would like your own cake tin, seek out packs with the promotion label shown above.  You need two promotion codes, which you enter on the Billington’s website and a few weeks later you will receive your free tin.  Gotta love free stuff!







  1. I am struggling to find any promotional packs and it runs out today! 🙁

    • Aww that’s a real shame Chief! Perhaps they only had the promo-packs out during 2013. Maybe look out for them on ebay in the future!

  2. Janett Darwell says:

    Great I received my Billington cake tin this morning 11th jan 2014 love it thank you

    • Oh so pleased for you. I love mine too – it has been filled regularly with lots of tasty goodies! Vohn x

    • It is fab Kat – I’m so pleased with it! Vohn x

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