New Year, New Plans

Happy New Year to you all.

I haven’t blogged before now because I’ve simply been enjoying the luxury of having my husband at home during the holidays.  He’s back to work today – unhappy face – oh my the house is QUIET!

It's oh so quiet
It’s oh so quiet

I’ve been singing random crazy songs just to break the silence!

So, last year was a bit of a non-event for me as I was ill and not able to work or do much at all except sleep and rest.


This year I am determined to live life again.

snoopy fireworks

I especially want to get back to appreciating the seasons…

Spring has sprung
Spring has sprungSummer funSummer funCrunchy autumn leavesCrunchy autumn leavesWinter funWinter fun

The ever-present illness will make that hard at times, so I am going to set myself some goals and make some plans to give myself something to keep me on track.

It is also my fortieth birthday this year (wow – scary, where has the time gone?), so I just have to include some 40s in there too!

My plans for 2013…

– Do 40 new things I haven’t done before

– Make 40 “things” by hand (I’m thinking crafting/ dressmaking/ baking)

– Plant 40 new plants in my garden

– Read 40 books I haven’t read before (I have a tendency to re-read books I love, instead of taking a chance on something new)

– Watch 40 films I haven’t seen before

– Lose 40 pounds (in weight that is)

I guess I should have 40 targets, to stay in theme, but that would just be a bit over the top and I am determined to be more realistic and less of a perfectionist this year.  The big problem with being a perfectionist is you procrastinate, thinking and planning about how to make something perfect

I have a cunning plan
I have a cunning plan

and end up doing nothing at all – with nothing to show for all the thinking but a perfect picture in your head of how great it would have been, if you had only managed to actually do anything.

procrastinating snoopy

This year I will just wade in there.  My mum always says “if you’re going to do something, do it badly”!  Sounds crazy but she’s right – better to have a go and have fun doing things, rather than planning and planning and doing nothing.

So, watch this space.  It might end up messy but it’ll be fun!

snoopy fun

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