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Cracking Courgette recipes for Scrumptious Saturdays #12

Scrumptious Saturdays is my series of weekly roundups.  I am frequently surfing around the interweb looking at lovely pictures of food and finding delicious new recipes that I want to try out. I thought it might be handy for you if I shared some of my favourites with you each week.


Last week’s theme was a menu for the World Cup Final and what a match it proved to be. I actually watched the whole match, as did my father, who I have never known to watch football before. Mr Vohn is a bad influence! 😉

This week’s theme is courgettes.

I had hoped to bring you some beautiful recipes for stuffed courgette flowers as they were coming on nicely in the garden when I went away on holiday. However the slugs got to them while I was away and have eaten the lot, right down to the base of the plant, pesky little things that they are. So, no home-grown courgettes for me this year! I guess the plus side is that I’m not going to have the usual prolific glut where I resort to making copious amounts of courgette soup! So here are a few recipes which I want to try and which use one or two courgettes each.

I love these stuffed nasturtium flowers by Rachel Kelly who blogs at Marmaduke Scarlet. Rachel’s stuffing mixture includes courgettes and peppers and she even made her own cheese – very impressive! These little stuffed flowers are so pretty and would make for a beautiful party nibble.

Stuffed nasturtium flowers

click the pic to see Rachel’s recipe

Another pretty dish is this Three Allium Smoked Chilli Courgette Tart by Choclette of Chocolate Log Blog. This has a wonderful combination of flavours from sweet onions, leeks and garlic to smokey chilli to salty creamy cheese. In true Choclette fashion, there is also some chocolate in there to increase the depth of flavour.

Three Allium Tart

click the pic to see Choclette’s recipe

A courgette recipe I keep meaning to try but have never got around to is the ingenious idea to swap spaghetti for ribbons of courgette to make a low-calorie low-carb meal. Most of these recipes require the use of a spiruliser, which takes up a lot of kitchen storage space, but Lorraine from Not Quite Nigella shows us how quick and easy it is using just a vegetable peeler.

zucchini pasta

click the pic to see Lorraine’s recipe

One courgette recipe I keep coming back to is Delia’s Courgette Soufflé. If you are nervous of making a soufflé, check out my step-by-step photo tutorial. It is really easy to make and is delicious, light and airy inside and crispy on top. 

Courgette souffle

click the pic to see my step-by-step photo tutorial

Do tell me, dear reader, what are your favourite ways to eat courgettes and have yours managed to survive the dreaded slug attack?!


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