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Scottish Strawberries & Strawberry Coulis

on July 3, 2013

Hello, dear reader.  So, July is here, we are well into the second week of Wimbledon, summer is upon us, and in the U.K. that means strawberry season is well and truly underway.

box of strawbs

Scottish strawberries are truly delicious and a buzz always goes round food circles when the first punnets of ripe strawberries go on sale at farm shops and farmers markets.  The thought of that sweet, succulent taste haunts me until I track them down.

The first few punnets of the new season tend to get eaten as they are, naked, if you will.  A little later in the season, the many “pick your own” farms around the country open their doors (or gates, should I say), which makes for a fun day out and masses of strawberries to take home.  My thoughts turn to recipes.

One of the simplest, tastiest and most useful things to make if you have an excess of strawberries is strawberry coulis, a sweet sauce with bags of intense strawberry flavour.  It is very easy…

1 - strawbs.

2 - halved


3 - heat


4 - juice


5 - sugar


6 - blend


7 - sieve


8 - taste


9 - coulis

as you can see only half the bottle is left
I was too busy eating it to remember to take a pic when I made it!


This coulis is fabulous over vanilla ice-cream or the ubiquitous Wimbledon dish of strawberries and cream.  It also adds an extra hit of strawberry depth to the flavour of many other strawberry desserts.  I’ll bring some of those desserts to you in later posts.


19 Responses to “Scottish Strawberries & Strawberry Coulis”

  1. Aunt Bee says:

    This looks so wonderful! I would love it with the vanilla ice cream topped with some whipped cream! Yummy!

  2. I would eat this up on French Toast!! Sounds delicious!!

  3. Yum yum yum! I would have eaten before photographing as well. Some things can’t wait. 🙂

  4. I am guilty of not taking pictures as well! I love this sauce and am planning to make some myself.

  5. Lol, I sometimes forget to take pictures, too, when something comes out so delicious. I love this strawberry coulis. I’ve never heard of the name, but I’ve made something similar before. Yours looks wonderfully delicious.

    • Vohn says:

      I suppose coulis is a French word that has been adopted into English here in the UK. It is simply a fruit sauce or puree. We have quite a few French words that are common enough here to now be though of as English! 🙂

  6. I’ve never tried Scottish strawberries but they sound so sweet and delicious! 😀 Thanks for the very clear instructions too!

  7. Chris Berry says:

    What a great recipe, and looks so straightforward. I shall have to give some thought as to what I might use the coulis with, and let you know how it turns out…

  8. Galina V says:

    Oi, I do the same sometimes, serve the dish or cut the cake and then realise I was supposed to take the picture for my blog, lol. Beautiful coulis!

    • Vohn says:

      Thanks Galina! My husband is starting to get used to me suddenly dashing off in the middle of a meal to take a forgotten pic or two! Vohn x

  9. LFFL says:

    I hate when I’m so excited about eating the food already that I forget to take a pic befor it gets messed up.

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