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My “everything but the kitchen sink” Meatloaf

on March 11, 2014

Hello dear reader,

I am currently trying to use up the last items in my freezer, so I can defrost it.

I wrote a list of the eclectic mix of things that are left so I could try to create some meal plans around them…

  • chicken livers (I’d bought too much for a chicken-liver paté recipe)
  • some beef mince (Mr Vohn loves his minced beef but I’m not such a fan)
  • some pork sausagemeat (for sausage rolls that never got made)
  • some pancetta (last batch from my very successful experiment in home curing bacon)
  • some ground pistachios (leftover from the Sour Cherry & Pistachio tarts I made for my guest book review on Edinburgh Foody)
  • some breadcrumbs (I always make breadcrumbs from any leftover slices)
  • lots of egg whites (I don’t like egg whites unless they are in a cake or meringue, so often cook the yolk and freeze the white).

The egg whites are easy – I’ll make up a big batch of mini meringues and store them in an airtight container to await their pairing with summer strawberries!

As for the rest, well believe it or not, I found a recipe for Rustic French-style meatloaf on Epicurious.com that included most of the items.  I have adapted the recipe a bit to use up everything in one go!  It is really delicious.  Eaten hot it is a rich meatloaf, given amazing depth of flavour by the chicken livers; eaten cold it is like a coarse French paté.

I will definitely be making this again!

Sliced meatloaf and herbs

My “Everything but the kitchen sink” meatloaf recipe
– 75g pancetta
– 1 tsp oil
– 1 onion, finely chopped
– 5 cloves garlic, crushed
– 450g chicken livers, trimmed
– 350g beef, minced
– 350g pork sausagemeat
– 50g breadcrumbs
– 25g ground pistachios
– 25g chopped hazelnuts
– 1 tsp Season-All
– ½ tsp ground sea salt
– ½ tsp freshly ground black pepper
– 50ml milk
– 2 eggs, beaten

1) Fry pancetta until crispy, then remove from pan.  In same pan, add 1 tsp oil and fry onion over medium heat until soft.  Add garlic and fry for another ½ minute, then remove pan from heat and leave to cool.

2) Purée chicken livers in a blender.  Mmm – meaty milkshake!

Blended chicken liver

3) Pour blended chicken livers into a bowl and add pancetta, onions, garlic, minced beef, sausage meat, breadcrumbs, nuts, seasonings, milk & eggs.  Mix well.  It will look thoroughly disgusting!

Meaty mix

4) Pour the mixture into a 2lb loaf tin, cover with foil and then place loaf tin in a roasting tray containing an inch of hot water.

Mixture in loaf tin

5) Bake at 180ºC for an hour and a half, removing tin foil for last 15 minutes and topping up water in roasting tray if necessary.  Don’t worry about the burnt-looking edges – they are very tasty!

Cooked meatloaf

Leave to cool slightly before turning out and slicing.

Sliced meatloaf

We had it served with boiled potatoes and winter greens, then another night with chips & gravy. For National Toast Day, I had the leftovers for lunch on oat and barley toast topped with green olives!

Meatloaf pate on toast

So, tell me dear reader, what items do you have left in the freezer when you want to defrost it?  Do you get creative in the kitchen, store them to go back in the freezer, or throw them away?



P.S.  I’m entering my meatloaf into the No Waste Food Challenge run by Elizabeth over at Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary and this month hosted by Chris at Cooking Around the World.  This challenge, which was inspired by the Love Food Hate Waste campaign, is very dear to my heart as I find it shocking how much food is unnecessarily wasted in our country every day.

No Waste Food Challenge

13 Responses to “My “everything but the kitchen sink” Meatloaf”

  1. Chris says:

    I just have a small freezer compartment in my fridge, so it’s mostly ice cubes, ice cream and at times a soup, when I did too much. Oh, yes sometimes there are even egg whites. You ended up with a very lovely meatloaf. Thanks for sharing it with the No Waste Food Challenge.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    That is a seriously impressive freezer-clearing-out meatloaf! Well done! I agree with the above comment about it being somewhat mediaeval in nature. Bet it tasted fabby despite the icky looking meaty milkshake photo, haha! Thanks for linking up with the #NoWasteFoodChallenge

    • Vohn says:

      Haha – thanks Elizabeth – I was rather surprised myself to find so many goodies in the freezer. I resolve to keep a list in future – but I bet that’ll last a matter of weeks! 😉 I love the meaty milkshake photo – it is the one after that which makes me…

  3. Must have been really delicious. Seems kind of festive/ medieval somehow.

  4. NOT my mother’s meatloaf LOL xxx

  5. Choclette says:

    Good idea. Shockingly, I can’t remember the last time our freezer was cleaned 🙁

    • Vohn says:

      Loveliest Choclette – I can’t believe you even looked at such a meaty recipe, let alone commented – you are such a dear! I’m also a bit vague on when our freezer was last cleaned 😉

  6. I do love a nice meatloaf and that one looks smashing. Not quite sure I currently have the same range of ingredients in my freezer to make something of equivalent quality, though…

  7. I love a good freezer meal but fridge soup is perhaps my favourite thing ever… love chicken livers in anything so this would be perfect for me to chow down on even though that pic of the whizzed up livers isn’t really fit for human eyes so early in the morning!

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