Foodies Festival – Edinburgh 2014

Hello dear reader,

I have been super-busy over the summer, so have been taking a mini-break from blogging.

I wanted to share with you some of my photos from the Foodies Festival in Edinburgh. Mr Vohn and I went on the first day and had lots of fun!

Some cool food & drinks vans…

Foodies Festival 2014
Cool food & drinks vans


Chef masterclasses…

Foodies Festival 2014
Chef masterclasses


Drinks masterclasses…

Foodies Festival 2014
Drinks masterclasses


Scrumptious street food from Scotland and around the world…

Foodies Festival 2014
Street food


Lots of colourful food…

Foodies Festival 2014


Lots of my favourite food…

Foodies Festival 2014
Fantastic Scottish Seafood

There are a few more of my photos in this slideshow…

If you like the look of all that scrumptious food, then check out the Foodies Festival website for upcoming Foodies Festivals!



    • Scottish seafood is AWESOME! We are so lucky to have such fantastic produce. I’ll make you some when you come to stay Lorraine! 😉

    • Thanks for popping by Wanda Ann. I love Scotland too. You’ll have to make your next trip here when there is a Foodies Festival on! 😉

  1. Now that looks like a proper food festival. Lots going on and some interesting food vans. It’s really quite exciting how the UK is upping it’s food game these days.

    • I completely agree Choclette – I am so excited about all the fantastic new foodie ventures that are popping up all over the UK – it is a wonderful time for us food-lovers! 😀

    • Thanks Marlys. It was a lovely day out. 🙂

    • LOL! I had a great time, thanks! We must arrange to meet up next time! 🙂

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