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Courgette Soufflé

Hello dear reader.

At this time of year we often have an abundance of courgettes.  These are such an easy to grow vegetable (well technically a fruit) that I always recommend them to beginner veg growers.  They do require a bit of space as they can get quite large but are successful grown in a pot too.  Whilst browsing the internet I found a lovely recipe by Delia Smith for a courgette soufflé.  The only other soufflé I have ever made was a chocolate soufflé, coincidentally also by Delia, which was a complete success, so I thought I’d give this one a go.   This is what I did…


Thinly sliced one courgette



Fried gently in butter



Drained on kitchen towel and seasoned



Melted 2oz butter & stirred in 3 tablespoons plain flour


6 - Milk

Gradually added half a pint of milk


7 - Thicken

Heated until thickened & then took off heat to cool


8 - Egg

Beat in 5 egg yolks


9 - Grated cheese

Grated 3 oz cheddar cheese


10 - Chive

Finely chopped several chives


12 - Mix

Mixed cheese & chives into white sauce & seasoned with salt, pepper & nutmeg


14 - Greased dish

Liberally buttered a 2.5 pint soufflé dish


13 - Egg white

Stiffly beat 6 egg whites


15 - Fold

Folded egg whites into cheese sauce


16 - Base

Spooned half the mix into the dish


17 - Courgettes

Added courgettes


18 - Fill

Topped up with rest of mix


19 - Baking tray

Put dish into a roasting tin with 1 inch of hot water


20 - Baked

Baked at 170 C for 40 minutes, then at 200 C for a further 10 minutes


21 - Serve

Served and enjoyed tremendously!

The soufflé was absolutely delicious, light and airy inside and crisp on top.  If you’d like the full recipe, go to Delia.  I have heard tell that soufflés are supposed to be difficult but I think as long as you keep the oven door closed throughout cooking, then everything should be good.

I am entering this into the August “Cooking with Herbs” blogger challenge run by the lovely Karen over at Lavender & Lovage.  The chives in this soufflé were picked from my ever-expanding clump of chives in my back yard grow bags.


So do tell, have you ever tried cooking a soufflé?  Did it rise to the occasion or was it a complete flop?




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