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Easy peasy cheesy stuffed peppers

How do you like the naff title?  I always know what I want to write about but rarely know what to entitle it, so today I thought I’d go for all out cheesiness!

As a reward for reading my very lengthy last post (you did read it didn’t you? all of it!?) today’s post is a photo recipe for an easy peasy supper dish, or you can have it as a side dish for a main meal…


Pepper halves


Chorizo filling


Stuffing mix


Stuffed peppers


Roasted peppers


Stuffed sweet peppers


Roast sweet pepper


They are very yummy & I like to tell myself that, being mainly veg, they are healthy!  If you prefer things a bit hotter, then you can use the same mix to stuff chillies.

Tell me, dear reader, what do you love to eat that you pretend is healthier than it is?  Also, to my international readers, do you say “easy peasy” where you are from or is it a British thing?



Update: As it is Spanish chorizo which I use in this dish, I am entering it into Chris’s Foodie World Cup bloggers challenge, as Spain are playing today (23rd June 2014).

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